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The Dating and Sex Secrets Alpha Males
Don't Want You To Know

Powerful men attract the most beautiful women. Now it's Your Turn. Learn more below.

Welcome to the Pack

The dating knowledge presented within will give men of all walks of life, the opportunity to be with the woman of their dreams, no joke. Do not purchase this book if you are unwilling to devote yourself 110% to the methods being taught. There is a formula to success when it comes to dating. You must first obtain knowledge of proven techniques, simulate confidence until it becomes your reality, gain experience through practice, and fail multiple times. True mastery of yourself and dating only comes through the correction of your failures. 

This book is broken into two parts. Part One will provide the answers to your “how” questions. Part Two will provide the “why” to give you understanding that will stick in your mind for a lifetime. 

At our core before intellect grew with mankind, our energy vibrated on a primal level. These primal needs are ingrained permanently into all cultures, and is how women respond to men. They will never admit to this, but it can be proven over and over again. All women want to be protected, provided for, and thoroughly cherished. A woman will know within minutes if you are capable of providing for her primal needs. 

Are you ready to bring out the Alpha Male inside? Your eyes will be opened and a new future will be given to you after you read this book.

Come join our pack. 
James Pierce

Online Dating Has Become More Popular Throughout the Years

Dating sites have come a long way in a short period of time. Over the years, they have evolved to be extremely user friendly, safe, convenient, and highly effective at connecting people with like-minded individuals who share similar interests, values, lifestyles, and goals. If we speak about best free online dating sites, they has become such a large phenomenon because it brings people from all walks of life together in order to find romance, friendship, or even marriage.

Dating sites are becoming increasingly more popular on the Internet. Online dating, while still primarily for people looking for romance, is being used by busy professionals, social workers, and students as well. With an estimated half of the United States population using the Internet to search for love, dating sites are being used more by everyday people, just like you and me. Online dating is also becoming a system which allows people to discover and introduce themselves to prospective romantic connections over the Internet, generally with the intention of building sexual, romantic, or casual relationships.

One of the biggest changes in the online dating scene happens to be the ability to meet people without necessarily having to leave home or their current surroundings. In fact, with many dating sites, online daters can have multiple online dating profiles, each one providing them with various options in terms of what they may hope to find in a date or relationship. The advent of online dating sites also creates and contributes to the growing hookup culture, which basically refers to an act of dating between people who would not normally necessarily be considered "dating." Through hookup culture, people are finding new ways to meet people, to spend time together, and to experiment with different types of relationships that they may have never explored before. Some hookup cultures even consider online dating sites to be a necessary part of the modern, technologically savvy dating world.

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What's in the E-Book?

Part 1 - Understanding the How:

Inner Insecurities
Good Looks vs. Being Sexy
Alpha Male Key Secret #1
Edgy Conversation
The Alpha Male Approach
Alpha Male Key Secret #2
Social Dynamics
Increasing your preceived value
Conversation Control
Purpose Driven Encounter
ACT - Assertive Body Lanuage, Conversation Control & Tease
Comfort Building
Closing Strong
Phone Conversations
First Dates
Touching/Getting Physical
Conclusion of the How

Part 2 - Understanding the Why:

The Secret to Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams

Talk is cheap, so what's the point?
Labeling Techniques
Give to Get - Getting Compliancy
The Power of Associations
One small step, one giant lead, um never!
Methodical Dating
Unlearning Takes Practice
Listen, Learn, Love


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One more thing...a lesson
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I came across this video recently that demonstrates the power of perception. Little changes about yourself not just in the physical can go along away in promoting successful outcomes for your life and dating women.

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